SATURDAYS: Specialty Workshops

  REGISTER BY TUESDAY, MARCH 12! At least 15 must pre-register by March 12th or the mini-series will be cancelled.
If minimum is met additional students will be accepted at the door. If not, mini-series will be cancelled and pre-registrations will be refunded.

TO REGISTER Send by PayPal to or mail check to TC Swing, 2261 Lexington Ave N, St Paul 55113.

Mini-Series $27 General / $23 Student, Military

Mini-Series $34 General / $30 Student, Military
Single Workshop $20 General / $18 Student, Military

Lindy Labs are intermediate level workshops that solve common social dance problems by focusing on individual topics that affect your dancing and by drilling exercises to reinforce successful techniques and concepts. Students must be able to do basic figures: swing-outs, circles, and 8-count rhythm drills. Lindy Labs work best as a two-workshop mini-series to fully develop the topic.

Workshops help dancers gain a better understanding and practice specific elements of the dance, such as musicality, rhythm changes, lead-&-follow connection concepts, Charleston and more. Watch the website or facebook for announcements, or join our mailing list to have the information delivered to your inbox!


Partners welcome, but not necessary!

You may feel free to bring a partner to class or come solo – it works both ways! We rotate partners throughout our classes and find that students typically learn faster that way. (If something you’re trying works with 4 out of 5 partners, you can feel good about what you’re doing. If not, you need to get your part figured out!) That said, there are any number of great reasons that you don’t want to change partners, and we respect that you might stay together in class.

Which style should I learn?

Newer dancers usually feel more comfortable with East Coast Swing while they're getting used to the coordination between the moves, the footwork, their partner and the music. Those with prior dance experience usually love Lindy Hop, as it expands your understanding of partnered dance, allowing for personal creativity and playful improvisation in your partnered dance.

Try classes out for free!

Lots of people get curious and want to just try things out before they commit, especially when there are two different styles of Swing Dance to choose from! You’re always welcome to try a class for free to see if it’s right for you. It’s also a good way to choose between the Monday basics and Thursday intermediate classes.

Mondays: It’s common for students to try both classes on the first night of the series, then decide at the end of the evening which class they’d like to take. Some even decide to take both classes!

Thursdays: The admission covers both classes, so you are certainly welcome to try out both of them. Our policy is that if you feel way over your head after about 15 - 20 minutes we will cheerfully refund the admission, and you are welcome to keep watching for free. If you participate in an entire session (East Coast or Lindy Hop), we figure you're having a good time and it's worth the admission that you paid.